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From concept to implementation

We prepare stories that are funny, moving, thought-provoking, but most of all remain in your memory and distinguish you from others. Thanks to us you will show what is in your soul, you will reach for an idea that has been asking for implementation for a long time and thus you will become visible. Your products or services will gain form, idea, representation. We will revitalise for you the worlds that will tell your story.

Our studio makes animations in 2D, 3D style and video explainer. In addition, we create visual effects, which in an original and engaging way reach the recipient. We use dynamic solutions, focusing on creating a unique style that will distinguish your brand. We are not secondary - each project is preceded by a brainstorming, during which we reach for not obvious but at the same time proven ideas.

2D animation

In vector style, juicy, organic and dynamic.

Explainer Video

A dynamic story that will be remembered.

3D Animation

When you need product renderings, characters, visualizations.

VFX Visual Effects

We seamlessly combine animation with film.

Explainer Video - product animation

Have you ever wondered how to present the advantages of your product or service? How to convince the customer? The answer is Explainer Video. Good product animation is based on multisensory integration, i.e. harnessing many senses to work while remembering information. Information is much better remembered when the senses of sight, hearing and limbic areas of the brain responsible for emotions work together.
This allows us to create an emotionally charged story, because only an emotionally indifferent story sells the product and builds a strong brand.

Explainer video process:


At this stage, we collect the necessary information, set goals and target group for your product or service.


We write the script, draw the storyboard and the concept art. We set the budget and the schedule of work.


Animate, record voice over, mix music, cut and set up. At the end we add some magic.

Nasze animacje

Zobacz kilka wybranych przykładów animacji reklamowych


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