The CretiveRebels team made a video report of the pre-preview listening to the new RIVERSIDE’s album – „Wasteland”.

The meeting with the Riverside group took place in Warsaw’s U22 Studio. Wasteland is the band’s seventh album.

Post-apocalyptic topics have followed me for a long time – books, movies, video games, stories about trying to survive in a world that has ended. – Mariusz Duda.

The event took place as a part of the “The Fridays with a new music” project. The Ballantines was one of the sposnors of the event! Of course, we were on duty, so unfortunately we couldn’t taste the drinks, but we have the video for you. 👇

Project’s name

RIVERSIDE – video coverage of the event


Marcin Jaroszewicz, Bartłomiej Olender


Bartek Olender

What we did?

video shooting, editing, effects, color correction

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