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Cinematography is infinite in its possibilities…

much more so than music or language....

Conrad Hall


Our Warsaw post-production studio deals with editing, visual effects, audio mix and colour correction. It is the post-production that makes the film materials intertwine into an inseparable unity. Both the editing and the interesting visual effect are important for the proper presentation of the story. And this is what we do - we give the story a shape that delights, imprints itself in the memory of the viewer and encourages action.

We take care of every detail in order to enchant the recipient. We take full advantage of what the cinema gives us - we are able to feel the stories told, create a scenario in which your brand will play the main role and we will do it in a visually attractive way. It's not without reason that we call ourselves Creative Rebels - we're walking along unobvious roads that give delightful results.


We cut, set up and tell stories….

Colour correction

We paint frames in colour….

Visual effects

We charm….

We cut, set up and tell stories....

Film editing

Alfred Hitchcock believed that editing is the essence of cinema.
He used film editing to create metaphors. Referring to symbolic meanings, he combined individual shots, giving them a new meaning.
Time has shown that he was right. The basics of the grammar of the film language used by Hitchcock have accompanied us to this day. Knowledge of this grammar makes us well aware of how and when to break the rules – we are finally (creative)Rebels.

korekcja kolorukorekcja koloru
We paint frames in colour....

Colour correction

As filmmakers, we know how much colour influences the reception of your film. It is the colour that enhances the emotional tone of the scene. Colour gradation requires an extraordinary sense and creativity, while at the same time being a very technical field. We have both and we will make this extremely important component of the frame …will dazzle.

We charm....

VFX visual effects

It is hard to imagine advertising, TV or cinema production without vfx visual effects. If you need real visual spells, you’ve come to the right place. We will retouch the frames, add renderings before we make products. Thanks to 3d camera tracking we will set the cameras on virtual plans, and all this will be photorealistically rendered.

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